Sam & Owen’s wedding is close to my heart for lots of reasons.

Firstly, I could just talk about the details of this special wedding: the beautiful dress, the music and the speeches for a start.  Then there is amazing work my friends at Country House Wedding Venues have done transforming Pelham House (and the food) into one of Sussex’s best wedding venues. 

Secondly I could talk about the fact that Sam is an ace wedding photographer in her own right. People ask if shooting another photographer’s wedding adds to the pressure. But for me it’s an honour to be asked by someone with a discerning eye, and nudges me to raise my game even more.

But what I do like to focus on, as always, is the people. Sam’s been on a pretty incredible journey in life but one that has, ultimately led her to Owen, and led to them being surrounded by a huge and yet tightly knit set of very supportive (and fun-loving!) friends. Many of these contributed to the intricacies of the day, from the flowers to the music in the reception. The quality of these relationships was so evident on the day and spilled over into the photographs too.

If, once you’ve had a chance to scroll down through the images, you want to find out more about their wedding and hear about it from Sam’s perspective then Annabel and the team at the fantastic Love My Dress blog have done a brilliant write-up of the wedding.

Before scrolling down Sam wrote these kind words in her article for Love My Dress:

“Being a wedding photographer I follow and know a lot of photographers so you would think I could have been overwhelmed with choice…. However, choosing our wedding photographer was the easiest and quickest decision we made. I have always followed Richards work and been in awe, I still am, so as soon as we got engaged I was screaming ‘YAY! It’s MY turn to be in Richards amazing photos!’. Not only do I admire Richards style of photography but I also knew he wouldn’t be at all phased shooting a wedding for a fellow photographer”


Richard Murgatroyd is a Wimbledon-based London, UK and destination wedding photographer bringing a natural, documentary approach to telling the story of your special day. You can see a wider selection of Richard’s wedding portfolio here.

Pelham House Wedding Photography by Pelham House Lewes Wedding Photographer Sussex, Richard Murgatroyd



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