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Richard Murgatroyd


I tell other people's stories. Here is a little bit about mine...

Hi my name is Richard and I’m a documentary wedding and commercial photographer based just outside London, UK where I live with my amazing wife and super-vet Nikki, and my DNA-identical-yet-polar-opposite twin boys Zac & Sam.

I spent much of the last 22 years in London – one of the busiest, craziest and brilliant metropolis’ in the world, but sea water runs through my veins. I grew up on the Sussex coast, where we relocated to in 2021, lived in Sydney for a while, and the first two years of Richard Murgatroyd Photography were spent on the beautiful north Devon coastline.  

My two big passions outside my family and photography are travelling and music and in recent years I’ve rediscovered my love for playing the cello & piano. And alongside my Indian sitar, Tibetan singing bowl and Andean panpipes I fancy myself as an amateur global one-man-band, albeit in the last two years we’ve gained a drum kit, ukelele and bag pipes courtesy of my two boys!

Photography has been in my DNA my whole life and I’m lucky enough to have my dream job. It’s enabled me to photograph the likes of the BAFTAs and Royal Family as well as telling the stories of some fascinating people fighting to improve the welfare of humans, animals and the planet. My wedding, corporate and NGO commissions have taken in the likes of India, the USA, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Monaco, Ibiza, Italy, Portugal, Australia, Thailand, Mexico and the Balkans, and from the grandeur of Buckingham Palace to slums and the everyday of a back yard.

Like every job, photography has its own unique challenges, but I love the people I meet and the places it takes me to. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to getting emotional during wedding ceremonies, feel a tingle of excitement catching a mountain sunrise or get a buzz from seeing the responses from my clients when they see their pictures for the first time.

Monika + Oliver, Villa Medicea di Lilliano, Tuscany





Richard was one of the first people we booked for our wedding. His amazing work captures moments like no one else does, and his pictures put your day together like a magical storybook.

Not only are the pictures you get at the end just perfect but Richard himself is one of the loveliest people we met whilst planning our wedding. On the day he just gets involved and makes you feel so at ease. It's like you’ve know him for ages when in reality we hardly meet beforehand.

All I can say is a massive THANK YOU we LOVE LOVE LOVE our pictures and I would highly recommend Richard, he’s just a star

Mission Rabies Malawi - NGO Photography UK Dogs Trust Worldwide

"I cannot recommend Richard highly enough; he has given us photos which really bring alive the work that we do for inclusion in our annual review as well as documenting our international conference each year.

He is an expert at bringing a moment to life without those involved knowing that he’s there and, as a result, has provided us with some of the most animated and natural images that I have ever seen.

Richard is a pleasure to work with, always understands the brief and is unphased by the chaos that working with dogs can bring!"

Owen Sharp, Dogs Trust Chief Executive


"I cannot recommend Richard enough. From the very beginning of the process he was extremely friendly and helpful with suggestions, nothing was too much trouble and he was quick at coming back on emails.

On the day of the wedding, it was more like having a friend with us then a photographer!

When we received the photos we were blown away, they are exactly what we were looking for"


"The photos are unbelievable and we’ll forever be grateful to Richard for making the experience so personal yet so amazing"


"Richard was fantastic!! We could not have chosen a better photographer.

He was super-helpful in the run-up to the wedding, managed a mini photoshoot with us in Florence pre-wedding, and was generally a calming influence on both of us before and on the day. I felt entirely comfortable with him around throughout preparations - a fun but unobtrusive presence.

Having the initial preview a week after the wedding was so nice, since I really wanted to see some photos from the day after it was gone, to recall what happened in the whirlwind but also see those moments where we were not present.

The photos were gorgeous and will serve as a wonderful memory of our special day!

Thanks Richard!"

Danny Bent London Lifestyle Photography Shoot

"Yes mate - they're incredible!! You work magic!! Thanks so much for everything!!"

Danny Bent, Explorer, Author, Public Speaker


"Richard isn't just a photographer, he becomes your friend throughout the whole process of wedding planning, offering help and advice whenever needed. It's easy to choose Richard immediately from his beautiful photos but he is so much more, he felt like a very welcomed guest at our wedding and was loved by all of our friends and family.

He makes everyone feel at ease throughout the whole day and the photos he takes are just out of this world, he has helped tell a story of the most special day of our lives, capturing moments that remind you of the magic when the day just flies by"


"I'm constantly jealous when I see other people’s wedding pictures by Richard now because I want to have my wedding all over again. And if I did, I would pick Richard every single time. Without a doubt.

The pictures are the only thing from the wedding that will literally last a lifetime and to us the pictures are perfect!"

Clapham Family Photographer Battersea

“You’ve captured lots of beautiful moments. Very precious! How many favourites can I mark? All of them?”


"When your own wedding photos reduce you to tears of utter joy you know you picked the absolute best photographer to capture your special day.

We couldn't recommend Richard highly enough. He was incredibly professional, respectful and helpful and more than that an absolute delight to have with us during our special day.

Richard we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing our wedding day with such love and sheer grace"

Mission Rabies India London Charity Photographer Richard Murgatroyd

"Dogs Trust Worldwide has worked with Richard since 2013; He is our trusted, go to person as an easy to work with photographer who is happy to visit out of the way places and deal with all sorts of on the ground challenges with great humour to get the best shots!

His wonderful images of dogs around the world and the people dedicated to caring for them are inspirational and help us to showcase the best and the challenges of our work to a wide audience."

Karen Reed, Executive Director, Dogs Trust Worldwide


Dear Richard

Where do I even start?! Thank you for everything!! Thank you for capturing all the best moments of our day so wonderfully (& even some of the worst :D!).

Thank you for all your advice in the lead up, thank for all the amazing photos from the day before (so much fun!) & thank you for keeping me calm on the day

You are truly the best photographer anyone could ask for!"